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Izena Islandthe smallest of Izena Islands


Izena Village

Last Frontier Of

Pursuing sleep quality ​Best accommodation

​Izena Village located in the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture

Air is life itself.

That's why I made "air" my strength.

Fresh air unique to Izena Island.

It will heal your tiredness soon.

​The pure and innocent air soothes travelers

Heal this island and give life.

​History of UezatoShoten


《History of Kamisato Shoten》

GuestHouse Kamisato Shoten
A long time ago, my grandfather (Sofu) ran Kamisato Shoten as a general store.
It was loved by the local kids and was always fun.
As time passed, my grandfather was called away and the shop was closed.
However, with the idea that ``I don't want to forget the fun memories of those days,'' I renovated the shop and gave it a new look as an inn, and it continues to operate today.

This is the origin of GuestHouse Kamisato Shoten.

Condition of the inn

Room 1 has been renovated and now has a loft bed.

Our facility has 3 twin rooms.

・Twin bed

・Air conditioner

・Towel (one large and one small)


Room 2

Room 3

​《Shared space》

​A place to relax






·Men's restroom

・Women's toilet

​There is

washing machine




​5066 Moromi, Izena Village, Shimajiri District Okinawa Prefecture




​ Uezato shoten



​  Keiichi Uezato

※Tap the icon.​



Owner: Keiichi Uesato

  • Is it possible to stay overnight without a reservation?
    Of course it is possible. However, if you do not make a reservation, you will be charged an additional 500 yen. Therefore, we ask that you make your reservation one week in advance.
  • How many rooms do you have?
    The number of rooms is limited to 3, and a maximum of 6 people can stay.
  • How much does it cost per person?
    At our store, we charge 6,500 yen per person.
  • How far is it from the ferry?
    About 2 minutes by car About 5 minutes by bicycle It takes about 10 minutes on foot.
  • Is there a washing machine?
    We have a washing machine, but there is a 500 yen charge for each use. We appreciate your understanding as this is a donation to elementary and junior high schools on Izena Island.
  • Is there Wi-Fi?
    Wi-Fi is available, so you can work smoothly.
  • Can I reserve it for private use?
    It is possible to rent it out. There is no additional charge, so please come visit us. Please enjoy the fun space that makes you feel like you have created a secret base.

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